viernes, 15 de noviembre de 2013

Welcome to Cultural Glimpses

Good [time of the day you're reading this] to everyone.

Here I am, with one more project on the web... I think I've said that phrase too many times during my life... but, well, this is how it goes sometimes, right?

Having a blog needs some level of dedication and I’ve had a certain lack of it sometimes. But no problem, I keep going, with more or less new things and material. 

Here, I will write about all the cultural aspects of my life. What's that? You will see through it in time. Some info on my career will be available at the bottom of the page, but the blog will be consolidating with the outcome of posts; although always keeping in mind the cultural theme and, sometimes, trying cultural studies. 

One more thing, my mother tongues are Spanish and Catalan and most of the posts will be written in Spanish. But I want to practice more languages I know, so we'll see if I write more posts like this one, in foreign languages for me. In any case, I’ve set the Google translator button because maybe it can help someone.

I'll try my best, in every way I can. 

So welcome to this little world.

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